вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

Kawaii Phone Charms

Whoa, last week got me so busy, but now I can return to my posting schedule. On Saturday I attended an anime festival and thus spend the whole week in last minute preparations - not only I had a table at the dealers room, but I also cosplay, so it was a mouth full.  I was lucky enough that this time my friend gave me a costume and I didn't need to sew myself something new.

Since the otaku crowd is quite  different from the lolita audience, I whipped up some cute and simple souvenirs. I try to carter to different people and attract custom orders, so the anifest is a great way to draw some attention.

I'm planning doing some more sweet designs in the future, though they'll be more spank! kind of cute, than "kawaii desu" like these. Though, this isn't quite satisfactory for me, so be prepared for some interesting classic designs.

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