среда, 23 марта 2011 г.

Shoppe Changes

After much thought, I've decided, that Etsy doesn't satisfy meas a selling platform anymore, due to some not-so-good management. I won't go into details, but right now I'm setting up a new "studio", as they call it, on Artfire. For some time it'll be a parallel store, where you can buy my handmade items, and I'll be comparing pros and cons of both sites, but it's likely I'll be staying on the latter.
And so, to mark this announcement, I'll give you a peek of my Spank! inspired series - simple, but very colorful.


3 комментария:

  1. Have thought about making your own website? and spreading the word about it from there, until you find a shop you can use?
    It really sucks that Etsy is giving you problems. I never used them but have thought about it in the past.

  2. I'm thinking of making my own site for quite a while, but I'm a lil stuck figuring out all the e-commerce stuff. And also, Etsy, as well as the EGL sales community help to make a jump start - the more feedback on unbiased sources I can link, the more trustworthy will my own shop look for new audience. And they also allow me to promote beforehand.

  3. It's too bad things aren't working out for you on Etsy. Good luck with your future sales on whatever site you end up on!


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