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Dress for Your Body Pt. 3 - Pear

Picking up for where I left with my reviews on "DOs and DON'Ts" for different figures, today I'll be posting tips for the pear-shaped girls.The remaining two shapes will follow shortly too.

Pear shape
What we need here is to balance the narrow chest and shoulders with the wide puffy skirt to create a nice silhouette.
Do wear:
  • Short-sleeved cutsews and puffy-sleeved blouses
  • JSK with wide shoulder straps
  • Jackets and coats with shoulder pads to broaden your shoulders. Don't overdo it, they should not be visible.
  • Medium to high necklines - wide necklines such as boatneck or scoopneck style that can visually widen the shoulders. Square necklines and ruffled collars are also a nice option.
  • Accessories that draw attention upwards - neck bows, ties, fur collars, shawls and short capes.
  • Emphasize your waist, but instead of a cupcake-shape choose A-line or a slightly dropped waist for a more smooth silhouette.
  • Avoid shoes with ankle straps or t-straps, since they can make your legs look larger.
  • Boleros and cardigans are a great way to balance your figure, especially waist-length ones.

Don't wear:
  • Baggy garments. This, actually, is an advice for all body shapes, for petite and plus-sized alike.
  • Stiff fabric
  • Garments that add bulk to your hips, such as salopettes or drop-waist skirts. If the general lolita silhouette conceals the hips, these emphasize them pretty well.
  • Avoid shirts that are too tight.
  • Avoid babydoll dresses.
  • Underbust items and corset skirts are also better to avoid, since they'll make your torso and shoulders look more narrow.

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