воскресенье, 30 января 2011 г.

Crafty update.

Today I went out with my granny and we finally bought my Birthday+New Year present (in Russia presents aren't given on Christmas, but on New Year's Eve, after midnight). This was one thing I've been waiting for some time and which will prove most useful - a serger, Janome MyLock 714.

I'm currently taking seamstress courses, though I have been sewing for several years already, I decided it's time I actually learn how to construct and finish the items properly. And this lil baby is just the thing! I haven't tried it out yet, but I see some finally complete garments in my future!

Also, an update for the interested - I've put up my new designs for sale here, so you can comment or send me a note. They aren't up in my Etsy yet, but the benefit of purchasing through the blog and comm is that it's possible get discounts for sets in the same style.

четверг, 27 января 2011 г.

Dusty attics and secret gardens

I'm quite a romantic person, if I might say so myself. And a curious one - one of my favorite things is to look through old stuff, and if there is a chance to investigate an attic or an old closet, then I'll jump it in a sec. It's really fascinating when you find old postcards, things with a history, books with that sweet dusty smell. Vintage and antique became one of my biggest influences lately, and that's great, they give so much ideas for classic lolita and mori girl designs. Usually I try to make a series of matching designs and in one them, but I got rather bored restricting myself, so my newest jewelry is a start of several collections, that I'll be putting out through spring, a special treat for the long ignored classic and mori crowd.
First come the books - I really loved reading old books as a child, the brownish pages and worn covers with watercolor illustrations were so great. You just can't get the same vibe from freshly printed books. As a first try I made a necklace with a single book, and 2 OTT-size classic (ha, if that's even possible!) rings, though I have a lot more book ideas to come. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge!

воскресенье, 23 января 2011 г.

Lucky-lucky, I'm so lucky!

Today finally my shoe luckypack from Baby arrived - I was so anxious about it, but the tracking on the site didn't move since 19.01, when it arrived to the sorting center in Moscow. I already gave up the thought of receiving them on Sunday (my EMS deliveries somehow are always on Sundays), but suddenly the delivery was at my door! This is my second shoe pack from Baby - I risked to try their first one last year, and was pretty lucky, though terrified at first, since besides dark blue AatP boat shoes, I got pink knee-high boots that I would never ever think of buying (they're cute, but, lol, pink knee-high boots? On a heel and with pompoms?). But, funny thing - I still didn't go around to match the shoes with anything, but the boots are my favorite shoes! They're not super comfy, but they give such a boost of happiness, that's hard ho describe.
Ok, let's get back to today's pack - I was pretty nervous, as with any pack, since I really didn't what to get neither cake shoes, neither the heart buckles, nor gladiator heels.

So, I held my breath....

Ta-da! I hit a personal jackpot - a pair of black A/P Millefeuille shoes with a velvet finish and a pair of white Odette toe shoes. Though I'm not usually fond of wedge shoes, these are so cute and are so great for classic! I also was thinking of getting a new pair of black and of white shoes, since I only had a pair of An*Ten*Na mary janes in each color and they are more on the sweet side.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I only got my cellphone handy. Anyway, I'm so happy with them. I'm lucky to be a perfect fit for Baby's M size, they're comfy, though I'll have to make an extra hole on the black cross-straps for a nicer fit.

среда, 19 января 2011 г.

Dress for Your Body Pt.1 - Body Shapes

Lets face it - many clothes in lolita fashion are like the camera, that gives you six extra pounds. Layers of textile, blouses, pettis, lace and ruffles don't do justice for a normal girl, yet alone those on the chubby side. But since we all love them cupcake and a-line dresses, giving up on them isn't an option. So I set myself a goal to try and work out dress up recommendations for different body shapes. But when I started gathering material, I was bummed -  most mainstream fashion advices are based on a bigger variety of colors and silhouettes than LF will ever have. Recommendations about V-necklines and striped pencil skirts barely apply anywhere!

But I don't give up so easily! So, this is the first part of my "mission impossible" article. Let's start with revising of the basic body shapes.

Hourglass Figure
The most proportional figure - the bust-line is almost the same as the hip-line, the waist is well defined. Usually has medium or large bust, rounded bottom.

V-shape or Inverted Triangle
If you have a proportionally large bust, or broad shoulders, or both with narrow hips and a defined waist - this might as well be your shape.

The bust-line is proportionally narrower than the full hip-line and the waist is well defined. Usually also has narrow or sloping shoulders and full rounded bottom.

If the full bust-line and full hip-line are about the same width and you have little waist definition, then most likely you have a rectangle body shape. Usually the bust is small or medium, legs and arms are proportionally thin and the bottom is commonly flat.

The waist is undefined, the overall appearance of being round - round stomach and full upper thighs. Hips can be either wide and full or slim with proportionally slim legs. The bust can be full or medium

Each shape has several more defined types, such as diamond, brick, bell, and more, but these basic guidelines should help you  find out your main shape. Though in LF we can almost always cancel out the hips (petti-shape anyone?) we still need to work with proportions and a limited variety of lolita clothes. Tips on each body shape will follow in next parts, so stay tuned!

суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

Introducing and starting.

Hello to all, welcome to my little blog. I've been blogging about lolita fashion for some time in my first language, but since over the year I've become more active on the international community, started making lolita-centric accessories and jewelry, I decided it's time to go Blogspot. Livejournal just doesn't give you much customization options on a free account and, well, isn't that cozy.

It seems that many lolitas have blogs now days - blogs for brand lovers, blogs for budget lolitas, handmade blogs, makeup blogs, n00b help blogs... Well, for everything and a cherry on top. But here I won't have a specific theme, except for my perception of the fashion, art, my works and the inspiration behind them. Fashion tips, articles, picture floods? Sure, why not, I love to overview brands and styles as much as any other girl. Yet for me LF is more of a philosophy of romantic beauty and a word view, an inspiration.

So, this is about it, the awkward part of a new blog is almost over! Hopefully all you who decide to follow me will find something interesting or useful for yourself.

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