пятница, 22 июля 2011 г.

Artsy Fundraising

Since business was really slow for me lately I had some time to focus on drawing. I was always more fund of illustration during schooling, rather than of other forms of graphic design, but, alas, couldn't afford a good tablet and thus vector was my only way of making something decent digital art. Sure, I still managed to make some non-vector work too, I tried every trick I found on the Internet that could be done without a pen and tablet. But the result never fully satisfied me, so now I'm gonna make things change.

I'm offering affordable $10 art commissions in a minimalistic, but versatile style, very cute for picturing lolita, fairy-kei, decora, mori and other fashion styles. Hopefully these will help me afford a nice tablet, so that I can improve my skills as a digital artist.

 I will be very thankful to everybody who can mention about this in their blogs - even if you aren't interested yourselves, maybe someone whom you know is. I also take art commissions in other styles, as well as different forms of design work.

четверг, 21 июля 2011 г.

Facebook Storefront

Finally started making good use of Facebook apps and launched a storefront there. Not all products are yet listed, - it's such a pain in the petti to copy-paste 60+ items! - but I'm working on it. So, if you haven't just yet, please check my Facebook page by clicking the logo!

пятница, 15 июля 2011 г.

I'm sorry, here, have some ponies!

Oh god, this is really embarrassing - forsaking my readers for so long after I said I had a lot of inspiration and ideas! It's already th middle of summer and thus a very busy season for me - doing a lot of items for a fair at the local anime con plus working on 2 cosplay costumes is really time consuming! Between commissions and work there is hardly any time for personal projects, like 2 pairs of sneakers waiting to be pastelized with some cute stars and candy. But I found a few moments to relax over some pony art, enjoyable for MLP fans and simply lovers of things cute and pastel.

Pinkie Pie.

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