четверг, 3 марта 2011 г.

"He Ate My Heart"

The Gothic style always seemed not only morbid, but also really romantic. Eternal love, "till death may part us", and of, course, heartbroke stories and vengeance. Bearing this in mind I made these pieces - Scar Hearts. The series is started with a couple of chain necklaces and a ring, but earrings are to come, as well as the motive itself will be used in more complex items as chockers, bracelets and as a part of other designs.

Most likely they also will be made in jewel blue with silver tone findings.

And another something I had in mind for some time - an anatomically correct human heart necklace. Highly detailed, even the blood is still dripping from the frame! This also will be a symbol I'll use in the future, though it, most likely, won't have a separate collection, being more of a common motive for single pieces.

3 комментария:

  1. These are all fantastic looking! I love the texture of the first 2, but I'm a really big fan of very realistic the last one looks! You make really great things out of clay!

  2. I really love these! Good job on them!


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