среда, 27 ноября 2013 г.

Ahoy there!

Long time no see! Terribly sorry for this, there were a lot, a lot-lot-lot stuff going on, so I simply didn't have any energy or inspiration to write. Things are still big and busy and I promise to write about them (well, if anybody is interested), but for now I'd like to share some new steampunk designs to compensate for such long absence.

So, these are some sweet lil aircrafts, that are up for sale in my shop right now. Hope you like them!

среда, 23 января 2013 г.

Three Rings for Elven... oops, wrong rings.

Hello, readers! School is still overwhelming me, so things in the new designs department are going slowly - rather than making whole theme collections, winter so far was productive for standalone items. I became really inspired by "Hobbit" and "Rise of the Guardians" this season - so fantastical and magical! I wasn't even planning to see RotG in the first place (never saw the trailers), just had a nothing to do afternoon with my BF. But I loved it. The visualization, the designs, the animation is so lovely... My personal favorite is Sandman, how much more expressive can you get? Even my manicure for the last weeks of 2012 was black with gold crackle - kudos to a fellow fan, who bought me the nail polishes as a gift.

But that didn't spark into designs (I generally avoid making too fandomic designs for a number of reasons), but "Hobbit is a whole other story.
It was a long-long wait. This is one of those fandoms I never outgrew and, most likely, never will. This movie had such a "hey, I'm back home!" feeling, I won't even try to describe. I don't mind minor changes, the movie is, well, as literal as an adaptation can be for a children's fairytale in the spirit of the LotR epicness. I love the elves, I love the dwarves, the orcs and goblins - they are all soooo much as they should be. The landscapes, the architecture, I could barely sit in place when they showed Rivendell, so amazingly beautiful it was. Fantasy eye candy, I've already ordered the book of concept art for the movie.

Hobbit Hole Door ring
Yeah, some moments could be shorter, - the mountain giants did nothing for the movie, and as adorable Sebastian was, that scene could be cut too, - but overall the movie was great, can't wait to see it again!
And I'm most certainly eager for the next movie, when we'll get a good look at Smaug. 

Dragon Egg rings

I love dragons, I collect dragons, I'm a Dragon by the eastern zodiac - why wouldn't I be eager to see him?
I've also started working on other dragon-themed items, but since I want to make the best of it, they'll take some time.
And as far as unexpected journeys go, I still have a taste for vintage items, so, when the two combine - I get this. Lovely voyage suitcase rings, with fine details. Not as fairytale as the others, but I hope as adventurous and interesting.

Vintage Voyage rings

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