вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

Inspiration - Between the Rock and Hard Place

Everybody has their own source of inspiration - some take it from nature, from artists of the past and present, books and movies, and, of course, music. If you take a look at major LF brands, what music do you think inspired them? Mozart and Beethoven for the classics? Cathedral choirs for elegant gothic? Light-hearted J-pop and carnival music for the uber sweet? Who knows.
For me music is an ultimate trigger, but not any music. My main weapon of choice is rock and metal. Hard and fast rhythms, guitar solos and strong voices combined with empowering lyrics - once I you fall into this world, there is no turning back. My personal fave is power metal, both strong and melodic with fantasy, struggle and romance being the common twist.

Headliners in my current playlist are such groups as "Blind Guardian", "Battlelore" (as a hardcore fan of JRRT I couldn't miss these!), "Rhapsody", "Helloween", "Aria" and "Epidemia", the two latter being of local scene. I'm sometimes upset that lolita fashion doesn't have much themes the western folks consider as fantasy - there are the brave knights and dragons? Griffins and chimeras?  Screw Snowwhite, gimme some Luthien! But, I guess, if you want to get a job done, you gotta do it yourself - and that's the reason my sketchbook is full of ideas that, hopefully, will become prints and jewelry.

In sight of my love for some head-banging, me and my friend traditionally go to the concert of "Epidemia", when they come to town every year. 'Course, I have to skip on the frills, since they won't get you far in the mosh pit! But the energy charge will last a year - you leave all your frustration there, by the stage, and the next morning your mind is clear and ready for new achievements (once your neck stops hurting, lol). I'd like to sample my readers with their work, so you could get a taste of what I mean.
Here you can download some of their songs for free, on their official site - my personal faves are Feanor and Black Wizard (based on Dragon Lance). Mind that all lyrics are in Russian, but I hope that you'll enjoy it non the less.
Crappy concert photo - but I found the accidental "pillar of light" effect that appeared only on the photo quite amusing.

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