суббота, 26 марта 2011 г.

Oh, Fun Times...

I, actually, been quite waiting, when this would happen. I was really intrigued to watch how the second-hand market would develop after that. Would there be rage? Hysteria? Dunno, but some drama was to occur. I'm talking, of course, about Sugary Carnival - one of the most priced sweet lolita pieces of the last couple of years. First a replica, and now - as far as I can tell, - an un-modified re-release.

As much as DOL trolled all the owners of the original SC, I think AP trolled all the scalpers and their previous victims even more.
As far as myself, I actually wanted a lavander and black skirt or JSK for some time, but I guess that was the "rare" factor (I like the design and think it'd be a fun piece, but you DO NOT say to me something is a rare or limited piece, lol). And now... Not so much. It seems they didn't re-release a skirt, which I would consider at this point, so I'm not sure I'll use this $330 opportunity.

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  1. I never really cared about all that hoopla over this print, since I didn't like it much anyways. Then again, I'm usually pretty turned off by everything Angelic Pretty has done in the last 5 years.

  2. It's fun to have a few of their crazy prints for the shock value, but I can't imagine a whole wardrobe. Thou I like some of their resent punk-spank-casual stuff.

  3. Yeah we discussed this at our recent meet up. I think the san francisco store has some sugary canivals for sale exclusively for this weekend. I am tempted, but I have now come to terms that a majority of AP dresses do not suit my body type (tall-ish & long torso).


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