среда, 18 июля 2012 г.

Oh, the Suspense!

Oh, I'm so nervous! This Monday I had my first exam for getting a scholarship for my masters degree and yesterday was the second one. Funny thing, I forgot my portfolio for the second exam and had to rush home to get it. And there's a thing I'll now remember:

 constantly make new stuff, so your portfolio remains fresh and up to date with your current level
 keep your works in one folder so you don't scavenger hunt them all over your hard drive
and finish stuff you begin! I had a ton more new pencil sketches, that I initially was planning to complete in color, than I had good recent works to show. Of course not all would be finished or good for the portfolio, but still.

Overall the exam went well -  the final results, I hope, will be in today, I simply can't wait any longer!
This will determine, whether I'll be working with graphic design (and I really want to get more things going on for me in this field), or I'll be working trice as much as I do now to afford costume design lessons that'll allow me to try out for a masters degree in a few years. And, seriously - this year they had only 6 people applying for scholarship, when graphic design had 42. Or, maybe I'll focus more on freelance illustration and jewelry designs, we'll see.

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