вторник, 15 марта 2011 г.

Helping Hand of Handmade - I Charity Lottery Results!

So, as I promised, I'll now announce the results of the lottery! But first I'd like to thank everybody, who took part in this and sent their donation - every dollar counts, and I'm happy to say that together we managed to raise over $100! Though I hoped for more interest from the community, since many previously liked my designs, but I'm still more than happy with the results!

As you see, the money was sent to Global Giving Relief Fund - I took the liberty to blank out my name, since this is not only my work. Now, to the part all have been waiting!

 I happily announce that the winner is LJ user dango_mew! Congratulations! 

Though I planned only 1 prize, all the participants get a one time 30% discount at my shop! Good deeds mustn't go unrewarded, so every one will receive a note from me shortly. Thank you all again for making this charity a success!

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