пятница, 11 марта 2011 г.

Helping Hand of Handmade

As far as I'm happy, that the tragic events didn't affect myself and my close friend, who's currently in Tokyo, I can't help but think how devastating was the earthquake and how many people were actually hurt in these events.
And so, I'm starting a donation "lottery" - one slot is $5, and the winner will receive a $100 online gift certificate for my handmade items. If you don't like anything currently available, it can be used for personal commissions. The more you donate, the better are your chances. All the raised money will go towards help projects, such as Doctors Without Borders and Global Giving. I'll be holding this open throughout the weekend and on Monday transfer the funds and announce the winner.

If you are interested and want to help, please leave a comment here, or send me a PM on LJ or DeviantArt. Together we can help those who need it the most right now.


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