воскресенье, 20 февраля 2011 г.

Finding Inspiration - A Rant To Heat things Up

As an artist and designer, I constantly make pieces based on some inspiration. Be it a song, color scheme, photo, or movie. And as much as romantic florals and sweet cupcakes  affect my art, they aren't the only, or even the base source for me. If an artist wants to develop and evolve, he always must seek something new and, quite possibly, something very different from his own style.

LF is very conservative and actually hasn't changed very much over the past decade. The color schemes and silhouettes, patterns and themes remain basically the same The recent addition of lilac and mint to the sweet style palette can almost be seen as a breakthrough. Flowers, cute baby animals, sweets, toys, or crosses and castles - whatever style you pick, it still is constant at the core. Sure, so called "oldschool" lolita was more toned down than the latest hot trends, but it even didn't actually disappear, the same non-print dresses are re-released over the years.

I like collecting  such palettes for inspiration. This one is from a great wedding blog Flights of Fancy
LF is repeating itself over and over again, and the more I work within it as my choice of style and target audience, the more I realize how it limits my ideas to the point when I'll begin repeating either myself or the trends set. And this is death for creativity. So I take bit's and pieces from other sources, which I rethink within the style. I love to achieve a new result - some fresh blood is required now and then, if one wishes to keep moving forward.

понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Sweetest Greetings

I hope that all have a smashing St. Valentines day with that Special Other! And to all the fellow singles - show some love. Be it a rose bubble bath or a box of delicious chocolates, appreciate yourself! 

суббота, 12 февраля 2011 г.

AP wanties!

The week was slow for helpful posts, and this one isn't one of them either. Just wanted to share a few items that I find to be a MUST HAVE for myself. I'm generally not a fan of AP, but these are pure awesome.

I became really fascinated by pastel colors for casual wear, and this is pure eye candy.

среда, 2 февраля 2011 г.

Dress for Your Body Pt.2 - Hourglass and V-shaped

Continuing my series on body shapes, today I make a small review on "DOs and DON'Ts" for the hourglass and V-shaped figures. Since the lolita silhouette annihilates the hips as they are, these two shapes become practically the same.

As much as LF isn't meant to be sexy, most of us still like to emphasize or best features, so there is no need to hide a beautiful waist common for these two body types.

Hourglass figure
Do wear:
  • Fitted and semi-fitted clothes.
  • Soft, clingy, flowing fabrics.
  • Low to medium-low necklines.
  • Dresses with defined waistlines.
  • Corset tops with a cardigan or bolero.
  • Cutsew and bolero combo.
  • High-waist skirts.
  • Solid colors.
  • A-line silhouette.

Don't wear:
  • Stiff, bulky, fabrics.
  • Baggy styles, long loose cardigans.
  • High necklines (unless you have a small bust).
  • Peter pan collars.
  • Babydoll blouses.
  • Underbust JSK (unless your bust is small).

V shape
Since the main "problem" of this type are narrow hips, that in LF are conveniently hidden by layers of petticoats. Though I left the specific tips that are a great help for casual.
Do wear:
  • Flowing fabrics.
  • Low to medium-low necklines.
  • Set-in sleeves.
  • Three-quarter length sleeves.
  • Princess sleeves.
  • Tops and dresses that flow through the waist.
  • A-line skirts.
  • High-waist skirts.
  • Wide belts.
  • Chokers, fitted necklaces.
  • American neckline.
  • Heart shaped or oval neckline.

Don't wear:
  • Stiff, bulky, fabrics.
  • Styles that emphasize your shoulders.
  • High necklines.
  • Big collars.
  • Puffy sleeves.
  • Ruffled collars.
Since LF is rather specific, the most fitting combination would be a JSK that doesn't get bulky in the waist and a fitting cardigan or bolero, since this is the best way to achieve a semi-low neckline without "doing it wrong". Halter neck JSKs would work quite well. Small puffy sleeves are acceptable, since the skirts give some balance, tough I wouldn't risk with solid light colors, that still could make the shoulders seem too wide. Items with full bodice shirring would only create bulk and volume, as well as items sitting higher than your natural waist can make you look wider.
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