пятница, 19 августа 2011 г.

Fun-Kei Space is here!

Yay, finally! The biggest part of my newest series is ready! Since I made my Fun-kei Stars, I had these designs in my sketchbook, so, here they are in all their glittery glory.

Wishing Star necklaces - a little bandwagon too good to miss, but with my own personal twist. They are 57 cm long and are very sparkly and cute.

Set course to places no lolita has been in this awesome rocket! These necklaces are extra glittery and fun - they will feature a chain with an extra star bead and will be 77 cm long.

Welcome the most cute and friendly invaders! This is also a long, 77 cm with a trail of stars to follow these pastel spaceships.

There will be more items coming in this series, such as star bracelets and bow 2-way clips, but I was too excited to show these, that I couldn't wait another day! All the items will be made in any chosen pastel colors for perfect personal fit.

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