понедельник, 15 августа 2011 г.

Day 1 - 10 Things About My Lolita Bubble.

So, let the games begin! 

1. My favorite style is classic. I love how elegant, romantic and feminine it looks. It's toned down and great for special occasions!

2. That being said, I can hardly make myself wear lolita more daily - I work at home and don't go out much, so I don't have much motivation to spend much time getting ready. And when I hang out with friends in the city we usually spend a lot of time walking, so lolita shoes aren't the best option.

3. Though I don't wear it too often, it doesn't stop me from occasionally buying something new, though I don't go much after the new releases. But I'm on a constant look out for second hand items - 2 of my dream items I got for a real bargain. Surprisingly, they were from Angelic Pretty, from the time they weren't the rainbow-explosion brand.
One of the items, but I got it in the bluexblue colorway.

4.  I treat the style more like a philosophy, than fashion or a lifestyle. Dunno how this turned out, but it seemed a balanced position between "it's just clothes" and "lolita lifestyle". Keeping one's mind and actions in bringing something beautiful into the world, so the lolita aesthetic seems quite fitting.

5. I really want to start making garments for sale and actually have sketched out some prints and silkscreen designs. The biggest problem, though, is the fact that I live in Russia and shipping fees from printing services will put extra cost into the materials, so I'm not sure if people would be interested, seeing as most aren't interested even in local indie designer prices, that aren't all THAT expensive for handmade. 

6. I prefer to wear tights, rather than knee or thigh-high socks. Most of my lolita clothes are for the cooler seasons anyway, since in summer many layers just don't work for me.

7. I have almost all of the GLB issues, several Gosu Rori and other fashion mooks, though I haven't bought new ones in a while, since I had a decline of interest in the style. But I'll probably catch up some time in the future. 

8.  I don't have any specifically lolita purses, but I really like my Baby tote I got in a luckypack. It's casual and let's me have a "bit of style" anywhere I go.

9. I really want to make some nerdy, Tolkien-inspired lolita outfits - I think that elf motives and illustrations would work great in an AATP style garment. 

10. Lolita helped me through the most tough moment of my life. If I hadn't anything positive and vain enough like fashion to set my mind on, something like designing to concentrate on, I  wouldn't hold on as well as I did.


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