вторник, 30 августа 2011 г.

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

So, this wasn't as easy as it seemed, but here's a list of my fave things about lolita.

1. Details. What fascinates me in this fashion is great attention to details, both in cut designs and prints.

2. Elegance. I've always been a rather serious person with a taste for retro, so the elegance of classic lolita is very appealing to me.

3. Cuteness. I was a tomboy as far as I remember, but lolita caught my eye in my late teens, when I began to  get into more girly stuff. And the cuteness still cheers me up!

4. The fact that it's a very unusual style. I love expressing myself in different ways and lolita became a way to express some of my also unusual tastes.
5. How much inspiration it gives. I love pretty stuff and lolita is very inspiring, with it's details, contrasts and various motifs.

6. Target audience. I don't know, does the fashion affect what I make, or I make it because of the audience, but I'm not so good with mainstream fashion or abstract jewelry, as I am with subcultural stuff.

7. Themes. I just get thrilled over the art that's used in lolita clothes - mainstream clothes start looking boring.

8. Variety. It can be dark, cute, sweet, elegant, punk - that's some choice within one subculture.

9. Aesthetics. I guess this sums all of the above, but I'm running out of ideas.

10. Cake! (I said I'm running out of ideas).

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