среда, 24 августа 2011 г.

It Was Fine While It Lasted

As much as I was excited to try and move to Artfire as my main base of action, they disappointed me big time - over the months I only had one sale of of them and now, since they discontinued basic accounts, I don't see the point of staying. Plus, Etsy copied their one-page-listing system, so there isn't a difference now, except for the fact that on Etsy I get more publicity.

Well, that gives me more time to manage my Facebook Kiosk and other venues, so it won't be missed that much. Anywho, I've finally put up my newest creations up for sale - pretty soon I'll upgrade the series with ufo and rocket rings too. I've also added stud earrings and a star'n'pearl bracelet to the current line.

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