воскресенье, 23 января 2011 г.

Lucky-lucky, I'm so lucky!

Today finally my shoe luckypack from Baby arrived - I was so anxious about it, but the tracking on the site didn't move since 19.01, when it arrived to the sorting center in Moscow. I already gave up the thought of receiving them on Sunday (my EMS deliveries somehow are always on Sundays), but suddenly the delivery was at my door! This is my second shoe pack from Baby - I risked to try their first one last year, and was pretty lucky, though terrified at first, since besides dark blue AatP boat shoes, I got pink knee-high boots that I would never ever think of buying (they're cute, but, lol, pink knee-high boots? On a heel and with pompoms?). But, funny thing - I still didn't go around to match the shoes with anything, but the boots are my favorite shoes! They're not super comfy, but they give such a boost of happiness, that's hard ho describe.
Ok, let's get back to today's pack - I was pretty nervous, as with any pack, since I really didn't what to get neither cake shoes, neither the heart buckles, nor gladiator heels.

So, I held my breath....

Ta-da! I hit a personal jackpot - a pair of black A/P Millefeuille shoes with a velvet finish and a pair of white Odette toe shoes. Though I'm not usually fond of wedge shoes, these are so cute and are so great for classic! I also was thinking of getting a new pair of black and of white shoes, since I only had a pair of An*Ten*Na mary janes in each color and they are more on the sweet side.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I only got my cellphone handy. Anyway, I'm so happy with them. I'm lucky to be a perfect fit for Baby's M size, they're comfy, though I'll have to make an extra hole on the black cross-straps for a nicer fit.

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