суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

Introducing and starting.

Hello to all, welcome to my little blog. I've been blogging about lolita fashion for some time in my first language, but since over the year I've become more active on the international community, started making lolita-centric accessories and jewelry, I decided it's time to go Blogspot. Livejournal just doesn't give you much customization options on a free account and, well, isn't that cozy.

It seems that many lolitas have blogs now days - blogs for brand lovers, blogs for budget lolitas, handmade blogs, makeup blogs, n00b help blogs... Well, for everything and a cherry on top. But here I won't have a specific theme, except for my perception of the fashion, art, my works and the inspiration behind them. Fashion tips, articles, picture floods? Sure, why not, I love to overview brands and styles as much as any other girl. Yet for me LF is more of a philosophy of romantic beauty and a word view, an inspiration.

So, this is about it, the awkward part of a new blog is almost over! Hopefully all you who decide to follow me will find something interesting or useful for yourself.

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