четверг, 27 января 2011 г.

Dusty attics and secret gardens

I'm quite a romantic person, if I might say so myself. And a curious one - one of my favorite things is to look through old stuff, and if there is a chance to investigate an attic or an old closet, then I'll jump it in a sec. It's really fascinating when you find old postcards, things with a history, books with that sweet dusty smell. Vintage and antique became one of my biggest influences lately, and that's great, they give so much ideas for classic lolita and mori girl designs. Usually I try to make a series of matching designs and in one them, but I got rather bored restricting myself, so my newest jewelry is a start of several collections, that I'll be putting out through spring, a special treat for the long ignored classic and mori crowd.
First come the books - I really loved reading old books as a child, the brownish pages and worn covers with watercolor illustrations were so great. You just can't get the same vibe from freshly printed books. As a first try I made a necklace with a single book, and 2 OTT-size classic (ha, if that's even possible!) rings, though I have a lot more book ideas to come. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge!

Roses are an eternal romantic theme, so I decided to give them a new feel compared with my previous designs, a more vintage and warm feeling.

This pendant design was made inspired by an idea of a cold foggy morning in the country, where an abandoned flower garden grows behind an old gate.

This was also supposed to be a Secret Garden design, but an image of a young maiden's love, that blooms like a garden fits it better - that's also why I'll be making these in clean colors for the sweet girls.

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  1. Everything is so beautiful in this post. It holds a feeling of what true romance means to me~

  2. These are absolutely amazing! I too love searching through old forgotten places looking for old and beautiful things. I love looking at history right in front of me.
    Will you be selling your jewelry on this blog or somewhere else. I would love to know. =] I would love to buy some!

  3. CatherineCottonCandy
    I'll be selling it on the comm and though Etay, though I'm open for orders though PMs at any moment.

  4. I remember these from the egl comm post: You're the only jewelry designer I've seen advertise on the comm what are truly Secret Garden inspired pieces. The necklace with the gate and key is GORGEOUS.


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