четверг, 21 апреля 2011 г.

Something old, something new, something aerial.

Well, wasn't this a long brake! Fortunate or not, the last couple of weeks were really busy for me, so I couldn't find time to post something new. But today I have a fine treat for all those classic lolitas and mori girls out there - not only I have some new items for previous series, but also something completely new.

First comes an addition to "My Old Fairytale Book" series - a phone charm and a ring with a proper matching silver-tone base. Also I made asymmetrical earrings and a three-book brooch!


I love how miniature and cute it turned out. I've tried a new aging technique and am really happy with the results!


"Last Summer's Love" is also a part of my book designs, but it features an open diary with a note and a dried flower. Bittersweet memories of a hot summer, filled with childish fun, walks in the fields and that Special One.

"Rains of Love" - quite a generic idea, but I decided to give it a try and a vintage feeling. Comes both as a necklace and brooch.



"Montgolfière" - I'm not sure what inspired this idea, it's been in my sketchbook for a few months. Most likely it was Jule Vern, but don't take my word on it! Anyway, this brooch comes in three main designs, with various possibilities of toned down colors and bronze-tone findings.


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