среда, 27 апреля 2011 г.

Punk Wardrobe Update

Just wanted to share my latest bargain - it's great to have a friend within the fashion who won't charge you an arm and a leg for items they don't wear anymore. So this week I got a pleasant punk haul of Putumayo and H.Naoto.

A cute Candy&Purin bolero. The pink part actually is like a sailor collar, but I wanted to demonstrate the bunny ears.
The embroidery -my hands aren't steady today.
Putumayo cutsews - a tank top and a hoodie. Both from the same Alice in Wonderland collection. 
Close-up of the print. The hoodie has the same one in white on the back.
Two lovely punk skirts. The shape may not be 100% genuine lolita, but works for me!
Screen print close-up.
A light summer jacket with detachable sleeves.
Screen print on the front. The one on the back is the same as on the cutsews.

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