пятница, 22 июля 2011 г.

Artsy Fundraising

Since business was really slow for me lately I had some time to focus on drawing. I was always more fund of illustration during schooling, rather than of other forms of graphic design, but, alas, couldn't afford a good tablet and thus vector was my only way of making something decent digital art. Sure, I still managed to make some non-vector work too, I tried every trick I found on the Internet that could be done without a pen and tablet. But the result never fully satisfied me, so now I'm gonna make things change.

I'm offering affordable $10 art commissions in a minimalistic, but versatile style, very cute for picturing lolita, fairy-kei, decora, mori and other fashion styles. Hopefully these will help me afford a nice tablet, so that I can improve my skills as a digital artist.

 I will be very thankful to everybody who can mention about this in their blogs - even if you aren't interested yourselves, maybe someone whom you know is. I also take art commissions in other styles, as well as different forms of design work.

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