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Indiegogo - Help Me Go Metal!

A lot of stuff has been going on lately - I got my salary cut 1/3 short, which isn't good at all, but, on the other hand, this gave me a good kick to consider making more jewellery. Since in 10 days I'll be graduating, getting my silversmith diploma for this melchior collar I've been working on for the previous months.

Inspired by Mirkwood.
It sure drained me dry by this point. But I really got into working with metal and, after the diploma, am planning to make new desings in brass and melchior. Eventually I'll even move unto silver! But before I get there, I need a substantial upgrade with the tools at home - right now I'm using my collage workshop, but that won't be for long. So I've started an Indiegogo in hopes to raise some funds and get started before the autumn craft fairs begin.

My first filigree and enamel pendant - IRL it looks even more magical. Got a little over-excited and smugded the enamel before it cured, oops!

Brass and polymer clay - isn't he the sweetest fish mammal in the sea?

I fell in love with the stained glass look of the filigree pendant I made in one of my classes as well as with the cute look of polymer clay combined with wire in this lil whale. I'd love to make more such items, and many other designs, but can't afford the tools by myself at this point - and, most likely, nowhere in the foreseen future, since the current job situation. 

A new design started - a cute owl!
But with your help it's possible - an Etsy purchase, an Indiegogo donation or spreading the word on your blogs, Facebook, Tumblr, personally to friends. Here is a list of quick links, where you can help:
Every bit helps, I hope this campaign will succeed!

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