понедельник, 5 ноября 2012 г.

Winter Came

Brrr, just yesterday the weather was fine, chilly, but dry, and today it's snowing non-stop! It's a full time winter landscape out there. It's so boring having snow for nearly 6 months - once it starts in November it only melts down mid-April, maybe the end of March, if lucky. You can't do as much fun coords since it's not only snowy and slippery, it's really cold here too, with an average of -17C with occasional weeks of -30C. Layer are your best friends, but no fun hair and I hate long heavy coats, make me feel boxy.

Well, you can't argue with weather, so let's get to something a lil bit more interesting. Many things and changes are planned for the winter, and I started of early with a little re-make of my store logo.
I had a hard time wit an abbreviation for it - "BS" was a "no" from the start, "BRST" is not how abbreviations work. But "BitS" cuts it really nicely, it has a nice ring of small cute things to it. I kept the skull and heart motive, making it more crisp.

As some may recall, I was planning on getting a masters degree, if I managed to get scholarship. Well, I haven't. But I found a more interesting program in the same academy - a 1-2 year long course that consists of the most essential classes for fashion design, made especially for those, who have a diploma and want to switch professions. It doesn't qualify as a second degree officially, but is basically the same program as the main fashion design course is. So, though it doesn't have scholarship, I applied. Have to work a lot more now, though, but no way I'm getting student loans. 

So, the course so far has been really interesting and I really feel that's it doing me good - I've learned the specifics of fashion illustrations, am learning about materials and construction, use of colors, styles, can analyse construction and trends a lot better, everything so far was nothing, but helpful information! I also took marketing and business planning as extras - loving every second of it.

Since I had thoughts of expanding beyond jewelry making, I find all this is really gonna pay off, it gives a lot of confidence when you actually know what you are doing. Though my basic target group is the lolita community, I'll surely be catering to it, but with some ideas, that are quite risky for such a conservative fashion. But, you can't quit until you try, right? 

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  1. I would love it if it was snowing here! I live in Finland, and we had snow about three weeks ago - for five days. Then it melt down and now we have only mud and water everywhere! My shoes are dirty every single time I walk home -.-

    And on the top of that it is cold.

    1. I'm pretty sure this first snow will melt and it'll be quite messy befor we get a stable below zero weather.


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