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A Busy Spring and Surprise Pack Thoughts.

My life was so busy for the last 2 months, that it severely cut into my free time and blogging. I've held a luckypack sale, got a new camera, visited Prague, finished my seamstress 2-year long course and a lot of stuff in between. Unfortunately, making new designs wasn't one of them - though I got really inspired along the way and have some pretty awesome ideas in the works, I've yet to make them. But all in due time, and since a post about my trip would be too big for me to come up with at 1 a.m., I'll collect some thoughts on the Surprise Pack sale I had prior to that trip.

A lil something from Prague to lighten up the mood.
 The sale turned out with a quite larger demand, than I expected, so, unfortunately, major delays in shipping were had. And, communication - I really gotta work on that. But this is obvious, so I'll cut to the part that concerned me after several buyers received their items.

What did I consider to be a "large pack" - a pack with more expensive designs. I opted for this versus the common "bigger pack - more stuff" tactic, since I don't really have that much various cheap designs in the gothic and classic category - most of them are earrings, and not so many would be happy to get a pack with only earrings and rings in it. Though i though it'd be a good idea, so the partakers can get more expensive items and a variety (even matching sets), not everyone was pleased with the number of items. Well, it was a SP, no matter how I tried to carter to requests of items and colors, it's logical that not everyone would be happy.

So, right now, planning a potential Surprise Pack sale, what should I consider? The same tactic of "value>amount" (and state it even clearer in the sales info) or come up with simpler and cheaper designs for a good fill-up? Since I actually make-to-order these packs, as I do all my stuff, so the buyer has a lot more options and won't get stuck with some after-con leftovers - what would work better?

I have a quite busy summer schedule, so the next SP sale probably won't be up till autumn (or at least late August), so I'll have quite some time to figure things out, but I'd be really grateful if my readers would share their opinion on how they like their luckypacks to be.

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  1. That sounds tough! It seems people can be really ungrateful about things sometimes. Personally, I'd prefer the way you did it, because I'd be more interested in adding distinct things to my jewellery collection, rather than filler. If I wanted filler I'd go to the closest cheaper jewellery store when they're having a sale. Perhaps if you are making to order it could be an idea to treat it like AP lucky packs, and have them a pre-made set? That's just my thoughts though.

    1. I must say that most were really happy with their packs, but the few cases occupied my mind I guess. I was thinking on sets, though I'd need to find a balance between the styles since, for example, the necklaces in the sweet and classic categories are quite different in costs.But yes, that was one line of thought.


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