понедельник, 2 января 2012 г.

New Year, New Goals and Hopes.

Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating and resting, had some fun and something yummy! The last days of December were very tiresome for me, not only because there was some unfinished shopping, - in Russia we give presents not for Christmas, but on New Year, - but also because I was very anxious  to start new projects, that would make my room a battlefield of clay, textiles and other craft stuff. And I couldn't afford such a mess, since I really didn't want to spend the last days of the year cleaning it all up and having unfinished projects lying around. So, a new year and a new crisp clean start for new ideas!

Since I haven't started anything yet, it'll be just right to make some resolutions to line up all the toughts and plans for the upcoming year:
make a print. At least one finished garment. I have the ideas, time, skills and funds, so there really isn't an excuse.
sew more. For myself, make textile accessories and garments for my indie brand.
learn new polymer clay techniques and expand styles I can work in. Wanted to start making wedding jewelry for quite a while.
set up a personal web site. Etsy is fine and dandy, but doesn't always cut it.
draw more and try out watercolors. Got several sketch books as presents, better put them to good use.
be more physically active - go to a gym or pick up dancing.
try to get back into collage for either a major degree or pick up fashion design from the begining.
stop procrastinating!
renovate my room. Repaint the walls, the furniture, get some new book shelves, curtains and decor. A lot more stuff to do, but possible step by step.
be a better person - less jealousy and gossiping, more focusing on being productive myself and forgiving toward others.
be happy and get the most out of every day!

Well, that's quite a list! I'm pretty sure that I've forgot something and that there will be more resolutions thoughout the year, but for today I'm done, so I'll finish off with the cutest teapot and jar set my BF got me this New Year.

I think Pinky Pie found herself a new hat and home, hehe! The jars will be so great as jewelry boxes.

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  1. everything here looks just georgeous! i want to become a new follower of your beautyfull blog. have a great and creative day! di


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