суббота, 17 декабря 2011 г.

Winter Fuzzies

The holiday season sure takes up a lot of fime - over the year I worked pretty hard and the increase of orders compared to last year is quite noticable! This is really inspiring, and I'm glad I decided to renew my faux fur accessories collection. I've added some new, more playful designs and am rather pleased with the results - I've been quite inspired by mori and fairy kei, so there may be traces of them here too! Too bad I couldn't find any wine red fur this season, but there is some beautiful jewel blue and green fur I'd like to try out.

Teddy Bear Scoodie - it's lined with fleece for extra warmth!
I've seen that collars are quite popular this year and decided to try out them myself - I drafted a wider version and a narrow one, and decided to decor them with some pearls and roses for a classic look and stars for a sweet fairy-kei look.

I still have quite a few ideas to work on, so this isn't the last fuzzy and warm items to be seen here. The very least, I have a few personal projects planned, which are sure to be posted - there isn't enough non-work posts around here and I'm going to change that.

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