четверг, 15 сентября 2011 г.

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

Things are a lil slow, so let's continue with this...

1. Peeking petticoats. I hate when it doesn't sit as it's supposed and part of the lace peeks from under the skirt.

2. The fact that whenever I pass near a table in I have to hold that puffy mofo not to knock anything of the edge.

3. Man-made leather shoes and lack of arch support. As much as I love the designs of most lolita shoes, it kills me a little that almost all of them are from man-made leather and aren't all that cheap as you'd think they could be. And not a single pair that I got didn't become a pain after a few hours at best.

My favorite pair of shoes - and one of the biggest pains ever.
4. How scalping second-hand prices can get. Why don't brands make a bigger quantity of print items or make an extra batch every now and then if the print sold out fast and the demand is high? It's not like they gain anything from the high prices in resale.

5. Lolitaz supposed to be nice! Yeeeeah...no. At least, not more than any decent human being should.

6. Little variety in models of clothes. As much as big is the variety of themes and prints in LF is, as little is the actual choice in cuts of the items actually is. From time to time there are some unusual takes on that, but most brands stick to 4-5 basic forms and only varies the decorations more or less.

7. Most "handmade" jewelry. Sorry, I may me a little biased, but a key charm on a earring hook or chain, or a plastic Hello Kitty charm glued to a barrette does not equal indie design. Anything that takes a minute to assemble from factory-made parts doesn't.

8. Solid black with white lace. It gives a vibe of maid outfits. At least when I try to pull it off.

9. Polyester. No way I'm paying hundreds for polyester.

10. Runny prints. Come on, the least you can expect of a $300 cotton dress is for the colors to live through a gentle wash without bleeding.

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  1. Haha! I agree with the shoes and runny prints part. A good way to give good arch support are insoles. I don't know what's available in Russia, but Dr. Scholls sells insoles with a built in "shelf" as well as individual "shelf soles".

    Now, if only there were lolita specific shoes for people with wide feet.

  2. I agree with the knocking over things. Whenever i go on a tour of a historical house i have to hold it so it doesn't knock anything over. (Or ya know when shopping.) I'm also doing the lolita challenge if you want to see over at my blog.



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