пятница, 3 июня 2011 г.

We All Start Somewhere.

Another random post! First thought of writing down a serious manifesto about art blocks and the evolution of creativity, but I'm not nearly depressed for that. So, I'll just share a photo of my very first clay creations from 2 years back.

Terrifying confections, ain't they? Toothpicks, old keychains and a bag of passed down clay - those where the supplies of the day.
When in doubt about your work, art, style, a good way to regain some confidence is to look back and see the progress you've made. It may not be as much as you expected when you started out an first, but every step counts and slow pace or obstacles shouldn't discourage.

But, since this doesn't always help as much as we hope, here is a link I found several days ago - How to steal like an artist and 9 other things nobody told me. It's full of really good advice which I now keep in mind for myself too.

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